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Winners Campus Fellowship is the student body of Living Faith Church Worldwide (a.k.a Winners Chapel) under the supervision of the State Church.

Among the objectives of Winners Campus Fellowship are:

  1. To secure the posterity of Living Faith Church worldwide by her conducts.
  2. Ensure uniformity of standards at all levels of the fellowship in line with the commission.
  3. Spiritually influence the academic environment and to provide a platform for the enlightenment of the tenets of faith as well as the pillars of the commission.
  4. Encourage quality interaction amongst Christian Youths.
  5. Promote Spirituality as the core value for a sustained future.
  6. To bring all student to the knowledge of Christ via Campus Evangelism.
  7. To motivate student into diligent kingdom service.
  8. Equip student with the tools for discovering purpose, leadership and career development via studying.
  9. Build a consistent Christ-like character into the student.
  10. Impact students with wisdom/ knowledge of maximizing their singleness while on Campus

Campus Fellowship:

  • ATBU – Bauchi
  • Federal Poly – Bauchi
  • Bauchi State University – Gadau
  • ATAP – Bauchi
  • College of  Agriculture – Bauchi