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It is important to understand the purpose of the coming of Christ, because if the purpose of a thing is not understood, abuse cannot be avoided. Today, for instance, some in the world think that Christmas is a day to get drunk. The understanding of Christmas by unbelievers, is to mess themselves up, without knowing what Christmas stands for.

Many Christians are still church goers when it comes to Christmas. But no matter where you are now spiritually, you can still be a better person and that is what church is all about, coming to become a better person.

Spirituality secures destiny and eternity, and when we talk about spirituality, it has to do with godliness-which is what salvation is all about.

The first step to salvation is for you to be godly. When Jesus comes into your life, it is expected that you begin to live a changed life, you begin to live a godly life.  Mathew 1:21 tells us that Jesus came purposely to save His people from their sins. Therefore, if you are celebrating Christmas in sin, you are still far from knowing the purpose of Christmas.

When we talk about the purpose of Christ coming, we are indirectly  talking about the purpose of His birth. Every child of God is not an accident, but a child of destiny, not a child of destitute. You are here on earth on purpose.

In the book of Jeremiah 1:5, God speaking concerning you and I,  says He knows the plans He has for us, plans of good, not evil and to give us an expected end. Just like you and I are children of destiny, and not destitute, Jesus Christ came here on earth for a purpose. Jeremiah didn’t know that he was here on purpose and so when God called him, he began to complain and tell God that he is a child, but God told him in verse 5 of Jeremiah 1 that before he was formed in his mother’s womb he had ordained him to be a prophet.

I don’t care the condition surrounding your birth; you are here on purpose, not an accident.  The fact that you survived and are alive today, just know that the reason for that is for you to fulfill your purpose in life. Every one of us is on earth for an assignment and so our Lord Jesus Christ, He came on an assignment and until you understand the reason for which He came, you may not enjoy what His coming offers to as many that received Him.

Understand that Christmas is a celebration of the giving grace of God. John 3:16 says that God so love the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish. From this scripture, we understand that Christmas is a celebration of the giving grace of God. It is a celebration of love. Every time the love of God is at work; the giving grace of Christ is also at work. Christmas is sharing love with one another.

By the gift of Christ to the world, a new chapter was opened to mankind. Don’t forget, the first man came and closed the first chapter of man but Jesus Christ came to open a new chapter to mankind. John 3:3,  Jesus says except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Jesus told Nicodemus that except a man be born of water and spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. New birth therefore opens a new chapter to mankind. Everything you did before are all passed away. Corinthians 5:17


  1. He came to bring salvation to mankind. Matthew 1:21. The coming of Christ is not just to save the world from sin, but also His people- that include you and I. Christmas is thus a day for sober reflections; a day to ask ourselves whether we are truly saved. John 3:36. If you are born again and still living in sin, then you have no reason to celebrate, you need to repent from your sins otherwise the purpose of celebrating Christmas is defeated.
  2. He came to bring joy to the world. If you look out you will discover that believers are more joyful than the people of the world. Why because He came to give joy to the world, to as many as received Him. Luke 2:10. As a Christian you cannot afford to be sorrowful when if you understand why Jesus came. As a child of God, you cannot have access to the things that salvation offers without joy. Isaiah 12:3-1. The book of 1 Peter 1:8 describes the great joy that Jesus brings to the world as unspeakable, full of glory.  Psalm 16:11 says in His presence there is fullness of joy. We are not talking of happiness, because happiness is determined by your circumstances and situation but joy is not determined by anything but God Himself. Habakkuk 3:17-18. Joy is irrespective of what is happening, you are rejoicing.
  3. He came to bring peace to humanity. In Isaiah 9: 6, one of His names spelt out is that He is the Prince of Peace. Christmas is the celebration of the Prince of Peace. Luke 2:14. Jesus’ peace is different from the peace the world gives. John 14:27. If there is anything that has brought about lack of peace in your family because of Christmas celebration, understand that it ought not to be so.
  4. He came to restore the supernatural back to mankind. Supernatural means a life above the natural. The bible tells us clearly that he that is born of flesh is flesh and he that spirit if spirit. John 3:8. Signs shall follow them that believe. As a child of God what should follow you are miracles, signs and wonders. Mark 16:16-17, Isaiah 8:18.
  5. To restore divine presence to man. Man was disconnected from God after the fall. Before the fall God will come down and meet man in the garden. Man enjoyed divine presence but after the fall, he was disconnected from God. He couldn’t hear God again. But Jesus came and died for the purpose of restoring that divine presence to man. Isaiah 7:14 Emmanuel means God is with us, and His presence shall be with us forever. Mathew 1:23. For the restoration of divine presence, no mountain is supposed to stand between you and your miracle. By divine presence you enjoy supernatural breakthrough in life. When you understand this, anywhere you are going, you invoke His presence and no barrier can stand between you and you glorious destiny
  6. He came to give us life at its best. John 10:10. Galatians 3:13-14 tells us that we have been redeemed from the curse of the law. Genesis 24:1 says God blessed Abraham in all things. It is possible therefore to be blessed in all things by God.
  7. To destroy the works of the devil and that include sickness, disease and all forms of oppression you can think of. 1 John 3:8 gives us an understanding that he that commits sins is of the devil, and for this purpose, the Son of Man was manifested to destroy the works of the devils in our lives. Acts 10:38 gives us an understanding of how God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with Holy Ghost and with power, and went about healing all that were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.


  1. We must receive Him as our Lord and saviour. That is why I said the first step to salvation is to receive Jesus. John 1:12. Salvation is a must if you must enjoy the purpose of His coming.
  2. We must believe in the provisions of redemption. Revelation 5:12 gives us the seven manifold provisions of redemption. You must however believe in it because what you don’t believe, you don’t become. Isaiah 53:1-4 explains that the  arm of the Lord is only to he that believes in the report of the Lord
  3. We must engage obedience of faith in doing whatsoever he tells us to do. The provisions that redemption offers, you won’t have access to them until you engage in doing whatsoever he ask you to do. For example now, one must repent before he can be saved. Acts 2:38 & 40, Peter tells them to repent and be baptised for the remission of sin and they shall be saved.. The second way to engage in obedience of faith to have access to the provisions of redemption is one must believe. For instance, if someone came here now and decree healing to you, you can’t be healed until you believe. You must believe before we can be healed. Every one that Jesus healed, it was because they believed. In Matthew 9:27 & 29, two blind men followed Jesus crying for mercy, Jesus said it was not about mercy on them, but asked them if they believed he could restore their sight and they said yes and were healed according to their faith, Everything you will receive in His kingdom is to you according to your faith, not the anointing of the man of God.  Therefore, things will happen to you because of your faith, not because you have a powerful man of God. In Mark 2:5, when they brought the man sick of palsy, Jesus was moved by their faith. Thirdly, in engaging the obedience of faith, one must be a giver. 2Cor 9:6-8, the bible says he that gives sparingly shall reap sparingly and he that gives bountifully, shall reap bountifully. According to verse 8; “And God is able to make all grace abound towards you that ye always having sufficiency in all things”

Lastly,  we must continue to seek the kingdom of God to see the flow of favour. John 15:16 God ordained us to bear fruit, and that our fruit will abide and he will give you whatsoever you ask of Him, Make demands for your rights in redemption. Matthew 7:11 James 4: 2 says you don’t receive because you ask not.

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