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He that understands will bear fruit. Matthew 13:33

What is Thanksgiving?

  1. Thanksgiving is giving glory to God for His mighty deeds in our midst as a church and as an individual. God’s glory must not be touched by any man. Isaiah 42:8. Psalms 115:1

Luke 17: 11-19

  1. is an attitude of appreciation and gratitude to God for something you have received or something He has done.

Why this thanksgiving service?

To acknowledge God for all his wonders amongst us as we have seen His wonders all through the year.


Why must we give God thanks?

  1. To preserve all the blessings that has come our way. Malachi 2:1-3.
  2. To perfect our blessings
  3. To multiply our blessings. Jeremiah 30:19. Acts2:47
  4. To keep the anointing of the Holy spirit fresh in our lives Psalm 92:1-3,; 10-11
  5. To silence our enemies Psalm 92 :11


How do we give thanks acceptably to God?

  1. We must do it cheerfully. Jeremiah 30:19, Deuteronomy 28:47-48
  2. It must be done willingly. 1 Corinthians 9 :17
  3. It must be done promptly (Immediately). Luke 17:15, Jeremiah 13:15-17
  4. It must be done with understanding of why we are doing it and what to expect in return. Psalm 47:7


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