Songs Solomon 2:15, talks about taking off the little foxes that spoil the vines. The things that don’t look big or important are the things that stop prophecies from being fulfilled in our lives.  Things we don’t think about are the things that can stand in the way of fulfillment of prophecies. Every time we think of enemies, we look at big enemies, we don’t look at the little things we do in life that stop the fulfillment of prophecies in our lives. Today, we are going to be looking at three little foxes that can stop prophecies from being fulfilled in our lives.


If prophecies must be fulfilled in your life, then beware of murmuring. You have no reason to murmur when you are alive, your life is more important than any other thing that you have been looking on to God for.  Murmuring is expression of displeasure, discontentment, complaining. But you don’t have a reason to complain or be displeased. The bible gives us understanding in 1 Cor10:10 that the reason why 14, 700 people were destroyed in the wilderness was because of their murmuring.  The bible advises you and I not do what they did. Every time you murmur you are opening the door for the destroyer to destroy you. Murmuring is a proof of ingratitude. Number 16:41. Every time you murmur, you are having a case against God.  1 Corinthian 10:11 says the destruction of the children of Israel in the wilderness was written for our example. For many of us, history has written itself in our lives by reason of murmuring.  The bible admonishes us not to allow history to repeat itself by murmuring. Every time you complain, you make your matter complicated and worst. It will interest you to know that the same way God hears prayer, God hears your complain. Number 11:1 gives us understanding that God does not only hear our prayer, but also hears our murmurings. Every time you complain, God is displeased and His anger is kindled. If your two pieces of fish and loaves of bread must not finish, don’t complain. If don’t want what you have to finish, then stop murmuring. Every time you murmur, you are pointing accusing finger at God. Instead of murmuring, pointing finger on God, accuse what you are murmuring about with your thanksgiving.


If you want to avoid a sad feeling then you must rejoice in the Lord always IRRESPECTIVE OF THE HAPPENINGS or the circumstances we find ourselves in. Habakkuk 3:17-19. Rejoice no matter what is happening in your life. 1 Thessalonian 5:16 tells us that we must  rejoice ever more, that means there shouldn’t be any moment in your life that you are not rejoicing, there shouldn’t be any moment in your life that you are depressed. Is it possible? Yes. Our father Abraham understood that you have to rejoice to see prophecies fulfilled. In Roman 4:18-20, we saw that Abraham, who was told by God that he will be a father of nation, was not weak in faith, nor considered the deadness of his body or the deadness of his wife’s womb. He did not stagger at God’s promises through unbelief but was strong in faith, giving glory to God. You have considered that situation long enough and nothing has change, so change your approach by  rejoicing in that same situation. 1 Thessalonian 1:18, the bible tells us that in everything we should give thanks to God for this is the will of God. Until you do the will of God, prophecies cannot be fulfilled. Hebrew 10:36. Prophecies are promises of God and what you do to turn these promises to reality is your thanksgiving and praise. When we talk about not being depressed we are talking about celebrating God all the way, that is what brings prophecies to fulfillment.  Is it possible? Yes. For every demand that God puts on you, he makes provision, he builds inside of you the ability to do whatever he demands from you.


Salvation. Salvation is the gate way to a joyful life. That is why the most joyful people on earth are believers. Without salvation you cannot be joyful. Psalm 51:12.  Salvation qualifies you and I to possess the virtue of joy. The fall of man took away joy from humanity. After the fall of man, he was driven out from the garden to wilderness which denotes depression. Man went into depression by reason of being sent out of the Garden of Eden. But Jesus came to restore the salvation that the first man lost in the Garden of Eden. That is why salvation is the gate way to the virtue of joy. In order word, salvation is anti-depressant.

You must Be filled with the Holy Ghost. Ephesian 5:18-19. Isaiah describes the Holy Spirit as the Oil of Joy. Isaiah 61:2. David describes the Holy Spirit as the Oil of Gladness. Psalm 45:7. The Holy Spirit is a source of joy. It is a stimulator of joy.

Revelation of God’s word.  When God’s word is revealed to you, joy is stimulated. Jeremiah 15:16. The word of joy is a fountain of joy. Acts 8:1, 5&8


  1. You cannot enjoy God’s presence. Psalm 16:11. Every time you are depressed just know that you lack God’s presence. The presence of God is what makes the difference. Psalm 22:3. Joy provokes the presence of God. Wherever there is joy, God is there.
  2. You cannot enjoy physical strength. Jeremiah 8:10 says…. “The joy of the Lord is my strength”3.
  3. You cannot enjoy divine health. Proverb 17:22. Joy is like a medicine. Joyful people are healthier people. Proverbs 18:14
  4. You lack revelation. Isaiah 12:3. Without revelation you get nothing. Revelation is the womb of faith and without faith you can’t get anything.
  5. You cannot enjoy fruitfulness. Psalm 92:1;12-14; Joel 1:12-13.6.
  6. You cannot enjoy your giving. Without joy everything you are giving to God is not acceptable, be it you service, tithes etc. Deuteronomy 28:47. God loves a cheerful giver 2 Corinthians 7:9



Thanksgiving is the will of God without which prophecies cannot be fulfilled. 1 Kings 8:15 says that which God says with his mouth, it takes His to take it to fulfil and it takes thanksgiving  and praise to move the hand of God. 11 Chronicle 20:20. Don’t stop  thanking or praising God because fulfilment of prophecies is at the mercy of praise and thanksgiving. Therefore the fulfilment of prophecy is at the mercy of thanksgiving and praise as a lifestyle and as we do so, every prophetic word shall be fulfilled in Jesus mighty

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