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It’s my new dawn era. I’m here this morning to return the praise to God. I have been in this town since August last year 2017, I was looking for a job to do but nothing was coming forth. I believed God and trust in this commission, I participated in operation take your territory for Christ, sanctuary unit and evangelism but it seems nothing was forth coming. August 2018 came and I said this August should be the end of my challenges, getting to the end of August nothing was coming forth. I went to Pastor David A. Ishaya , he said congratulations and he anointed me. On the 30th of August I received an invitation for an interview on the 31st. At the interview I saw about 12 interviewers, just a question and I answered the questions on their table and they said congratulations. On the 6th of September I was sent a congratulatory text and asked to resume on the 10th of September, on the day of my resumption I was promoted from a staff to the Managing Director of the company. To God be the glory!
Bro O.A. Agwu

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