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It’s my new dawn era. I have come to return all the glory to God. Our senior pastor always say that every theme of the month is because God has seen what is before us and gives us a word to deliver us. The theme of September ‘’I will restore health unto you’’ answered for me yesterday. After the covenant hour of prayer, I went to drop my children in school and then went to my site. On reaching there I had a call from my son and he told me that he was in Niima hospital. I left all I was doing and rushed down there. On getting there, I saw my son in pains, he couldn’t breathe and the nurses were trying to get his veins but could not and the boy was dying. During that process I was able to lay hands on him, praying and calling on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God that sees and hears prayers to come and intervene. To God be the glory the nurses were able to get his veins to place him on drip. I called the senior pastor (Pastor David A. Ishaya) and immediately he was there, and declared the word, gave him a shot of the anointing oil, and also anointed him. After some minutes the pain and the hook on his chest relieved him and he stood up. I give all the glory to God.
Bro Augustine Okpara

At the back door of our house, I found out that the cable issued to our house was brought down and was placed on my backyard door without me knowing there’s still current in it. All my thought was that it is just an empty cable, it was later in the evening when I tried to pack the wire, I felt a shock and that was when the current went off. I want to thank God because there is no scratch of any electric shock on me. I’m here to thank God.
Bro sammuel

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