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It’s my new dawn era. I really want to appreciate the name of the Lord for the great things he has been doing in my life. It happened that my name has been constantly omitted for Workshop with the foreign organization that our organization is affiliated to, and replaced with a muslim despite my hard work . But, I declared that the God of this commission will show up one day for me. I enrolled for the Word Of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) and engaged in all that was taught. On the 1st of September, our mummy in the Lord was declaring that,’’ whatever the devil has stolen from you this year, that God will deliver it to you this month. That this month is a month of delivery’’, and I keyed into that prophecy. The following week, I went to my office and was just there arranging my office when our HCH called that I should go to Bauchi for a workshop. That was how God restored me back on the list. I really want to appreciate the name of the lord. To God be the glory!
Sis Regina . A.

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