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It’s my new dawn era. I have come this morning to return all the glory back to the God of this commission. Earlier this year I have been asking for transfer in my place of work back to where my family is, I went to God’s servant he said go you shall receive your transfer. It was like the transfer was not coming. When operation 615 started I engaged in it seriously, likewise operation must abide; but it looked like nothing was coming out of it. I want to appreciate the name of the Lord because just yesterday when we went for balancing in my place of work, my boss said to me you have been transferred and also promoted. Kingdom advancement endeavors truly works. To God be the glory!
Bro D. Jacob

Praise the Lord. I have return to give glory and honour to the God of this commission. Today God has enlisted me among the executive, when the Governor of the state want to see the executive member there is a grade that he will call God has taken me to that place.I have return to say thank you Jesus.
Sis R. Adams

Praise the Lord. Am here this morning to appreciate God am not in the mortuary but am in the sanctuary. I was challenged in my health but even while in the hospital and in the house, God still prove himself faithful as I held unto him. What surprised me the most was that I use to think that am on my own but during my season challenge, I saw love in this church, the house fellowship, the sanctuary unit, the pastorate, Pastor David A. Ishaya- the resident pastor sent pastor Emma and other members on his behalf to come and visit me. That week they came to the house I lost my voice for nearly one week, I was prayed for and anointed and the pastor gave me a shot of the anointing oil, that same day I regained my health back. Financially, spiritually and physically the church was there for me. I want to use this opportunity to thank daddy in the house; pastor David A. Ishaya, who was there for me all through. Am here to say Father I thank you.
Sis C. Irmiya

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