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Sunday Teaching Series: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


Spiritually, all children of God belong to the tribe of Judah. Genesis 49:8-12. The day you gave your life to Christ, you were redeemed from your earthly image.

Judah is one of the seeds of Abraham. Galatians 34:29, and we are Abraham’s seed, and Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah – Revelations 5:5. Hence, we as the redeemed belong to the spiritual lineage of Jesus. John 17:18. As christians, we are spiritual lions. This lion in us cannot manifest except it is stirred up. Genesis 49:12. This stirring up is brought about in us as the redeemed by the intake of spiritual wines.

These brands of wines include:

  1. The Prayer Wine

You cannot drink the prayer wine and not be intoxicated in prayers.

  • The spirit of God empowers us to pray according to the will of God. Zechariah 12:10, Romans 8:26-27. The Holy Ghost is the source of this prayer wine. 1 John 5:14-15.
  • When one is empowered by the spirit of God, you pray like a drunk. E.g Hannah – 1 Samuel 1:1-15.Understand that you cannot be drunk with the prayer wine and it will not be noticed in your life.
  • The spirit of prayer empowers our access to fresh anointing. Acts 4:29-33 (Great power and grace).

The anointing is needed because we can do nothing of our own strength.

  1. The Giving Wine

This enables us to give, even when we lack. This wine makes one an addicted or intoxicated giver. We need this wine, because, there is no prosperity without giving.

At the root of the giving wine is the revelation of the giving grace.

  • It is the revelation of the giving grace that turns a believer into a selfless giver. 2 Corinthians 8:9. Eg: the Macedonia church.
  • Examples of addicted givers are: Abraham – Genesis 18:1-10, David – 1 Chronicles 29:3, 2 Samuel 24:24-25. We need to grow in this grace of giving.
  • Understand that violent faith is the key to putting an end to all satanic assaults. Matthew 15:22-28.


* Recovery talks about restoration, or return to an original state.

* Recovery also means the act of regaining or saving something lost, damaged, or about to be lost.

* Recovery also means retaking possession.

Understand that you cannot talk about recovery without knowing what to recover.

Why recovery or restoration? Joel 2:25

The essence of restoration is for salvation and to restore our spiritual life to us. John 10:10.

Also, it is not enough to know what has been lost, but also to know how to recover them. There is no provision of God without a condition. Hence, grace enables us to meet up with these conditions for our recovery.

These conditions for recovery include:

  1. You must be born again. Romans 6:23.
  2. You must fully return back to God. Malachi 3:7, Jeremiah 15:19.
  3. You must believe in your recovery right in Christ. Habakkuk 2:4. Jn.1:12
  4. You must be committed to serving God and the interest of the kingdom. Matt.6:33. Genesis 15:9. God had a restoration plan for the Israelites, but, He did not carry it out until they were committed to serving Him.
  5. You must settle down in the house of God. Psalm 132:13-16, Obadiah 1:17.
  6. You must continue to seek and pray for the well-being of others. Job 42:10.
  7. You must believe in the ministry of the prophet. Hosea 12:13, 1 Samuel 19:18-24. Not everyone that is anointed is sent to you. Prophets are sent for our rescue. God does not come down himself to deliver us, but He sends a man, and that is the essence of prophets.
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