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There are wonders in praise when you engage in it. Exod. 15:11. Prophecies will always remain promises until we engage in a good warfare, 1 Tim. 1:18. Don’t sit down because prophecies have gone before you, do warfare with them. The process of seeing prophecies fulfilled is warfare.


Why warfare?

Because every prophecy will be contested and Satan is in the business of stopping whatever God has said he will do in the life of His people. Deut 2: 24. You have to contend with many adversaries to have access to the great door. 1 Cor.16:9. We see the example of the children of Israel in Genesis 15:13. For 400 years nothing happened until 30 more years before the children of Israel were released.


God cannot come down without praise. Psalm 22:3. God inhabits the praise of His people.

There is no prophetic word that can be fulfilled in the energy of the flesh and it is by the hand of God that He brings it to pass. 1 Kings 8:15. There is nothing that God speaks that will require the hand of man to bring to pass. The same God that speaks with His mouth will require His hand to fulfil. There is no prophecy of God that can be fulfilled by the hand of man. 1 kings 8: 24.


There is no battle confronting you in life that is your battle, if you have an understanding that it is the Lord’s battle. 2 Chron. 20:15-22. This is one of the things that will happen this month. As you praise God, He will handle your enemies. Praise doesn’t just happen. You make it happen. Psalm 67:1-7. You have to apply personal responsibility to praise God.


 Ways of making Praise Happen

  1. Understand that praise is not focusing on the things happening around you and in your life, praise is focusing on God’s faithfulness. That is His integrity. God is too faithful to lie. Lam 3:23, 1Thess 5:24, 1 Cor. 10:13. . Heb. 11:11.
  2. You must understand that praise is focusing on the efficacy of scriptures, what God has written concerning you. That was the secret of David. Psalm 56: 4. Don’t praise God to satisfy emotions. Psalm 119:162, David says, “I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil”. Today, as potent as praise is, many don’t engage in it with understanding.


What praise involves

Praise does not only involve clapping and singing, praise involves dancing. Psalm149:3

God takes pleasure when you are dancing to praise Him. Psalm 150:4; Psalm 103:1-3;

2 Sam.6:14; Psalm 119:164. David praised God in the temple seven times a day. He also danced with all his might.


What happens when we praise God


We can dance our way into divine favour. When you dance your way to divine favour, every emptiness is destroyed. Psalm 30:5. Mark 6: 21-23. Herodias’ daughter after dancing to please Herod, and the king said to her to ask whatsoever she desires. We must continue to rejoice in season and out of season like Joseph if we must see prophecies fulfilled. Joseph was a slave, a prisoner, yet he rejoiced.  He was a man that had no sorrow. He was the one encouraging the prisoners so much that he was interpreting dreams for them. If you must rejoice like Joseph in season and out of season, you must encourage yourself. You must encourage yourself like David. David was so distressed when enemies took his spoils, his wives and that the people wanted to stone Him. Psalm 30: 6, the bibles says David recovered all as a result of encouraging himself.


Bishop David Oyedepo’s principles of encouragement.

  1. God is always right.
  2. God is ever faithful to do it, no matter what you are going through
  3. If God can’t do it, no one else can do it


                                                                                                                            -Pastor David A.Ishaya



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