Special Anointing Service: Engaging the Breakthrough Power of Praise.

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What is Praise?
Praise is a covenant platform for encounter with new anointing or fresh oil. Psalm 92:1-2/10. After every praise, what comes your way is fresh oil. The anointing and the presence of God are two powerful forces- Acts 10:38.
Benefits of Fresh Oil:
1. You are empowered for conquest. Psalm 92:10-11. When you praise God, you are empowered with fresh oil that makes you see your desire upon your enemies. There is nothing that forces your enemy to surrender to you outside of power. Psalm 66:3. At the root of David’s conquest was a man given to praise. 1 Samuel 16:23, 6:14, John14:26, 16:13. David could have access to the things of God because he was a man given to praise. He was referred to as a prophet who prophesied the coming of Christ because he had access to the deep things of God. Psalm 34:1.
3. You flourish like a Palm tree. Psalm92-12. To flourish also means to prosper, to progress in life or to fly high.
4. You are empowered to still bring forth fruits in old age. There is no old age when it comes to the issue of fruitfulness in God’s kingdom. You can praise your way from barrenness to fruitfulness.Psalms92:14, Isaiah 32:15.
5. Empowerment for fulfilment of prophecies. Jesus told His disciples not to leave Jerusalem until they are endued with power. It is not by power or might. Luke24:49, Acts1:8, Zechariah4:1-6. You must remain hopeful if you must praise the name of the Lord at all time. The devil wants to make you hopeless because hopelessness is an enemy of praise. God cannot help a helpless person It is foolishness to be hopeless. Ecclesiastes9:4, Romans5:5.

-Pastor David A. Ishaya

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