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I have returned to thank God for what He has done in my life. When I was to travel for New Year, I came to the man of God and told him. He prayed for me and said go and return with a testimony. I was in Bauchi and I wasn’t aware of what was happening because I didn’t even listen to the radio. I didn’t know that there was a crisis in Adamawa State and I proceeded to Numan, because it was from there that I would board a vehicle that I would take me to my village in Taraba State. When we got to Numan I saw everybody running helter-skelter for their lives. I didn’t know what to do. The taxi driver dropped us and left. We tried chattering a vehicle to Jalingo to no avail. After a while one of us suggested that we should to go to Yola and take a vehicle to Jalingo and that was what we did. To the Glory of God that was how we escaped the killings. I have come to return all the Glory unto God.


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