Quotable Quotes

“Until we pull the trigger of praise prophecy remains unfulfilled”

                                                                                  1Tim 1;18, 1cor 16;9

“The process of seeing prophecies fulfilled is through praise warfare”

Gen.15:13-15 Deu.26:8 Ex.3:7-8 Ps.22:3

“Praise is a conscious act of the will of man”

Psalm 67:5-6,

“The easiest way to be thankful is to recall the blessings of the Lord upon your life in the past”

Psalm 103:1-3, 1  Cor.15:10.

 “If you can’t despise your present challenges, it means you cannot praise God effectively”

1Cor.10:13 ,Heb.12:2,Rom.4;20

“Praise warfare is key to provoking supernatural intervention”

Matthew 21: 9, 15-16. Psalms 8:2

“When we praise God, we provoke a staggering order of breakthrough/favour”

2Sam 6:14, Psalm 30:5-7

“When we praise God, we access returns of the seeds sown through the fruit of our lips”

Heb. 13:15, Prov 12:14

“Celebrating Gods faithfulness in praise facilitates the fulfillment of prophecies”

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