1. This morning there shall be instant testimonies.
2. No child shall be kidnapped in this church.
3. You are leaving here with a double portion of the anointing.
4. This morning you are leaving here to dominate in Jesus name.
5. Today you are leaving here in charge of that situation.
6. Today by the anointing, whatever you want to see in your enemy shall come to pass.
7. Every mountain of your life is giving way this morning.
8. Whatever any evil one wishes you shall come upon them.
9. The anointing this morning shall make you see your desire for your enemy.
10. Through this praise this morning our enemies shall submit to us.
11. Today, whosoever is tormented will be delivered.
12. Today, anybody mocking your destiny / family shall pay for it this morning.
13. Today, the deep things of God are coming upon you. 1 Corinthians 2 :10
14. Today, I see God turning someone into a prophet via praise.
15. After this anointing every form of stagnation is destroyed in Jesus name.
16. Today you shall flourish in your career and businesses in Jesus name.
17. Today, the barren shall become fruitful.
18. Today by the anointing this morning every prophecy will be fulfilled.
19. Until you close your case, Satan has no power to close your case.
20. Today via praise your enemies are in trouble.
21. Today is your week of breakthrough in career, academics and businesses.    Pastor David A. Ishaya.

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