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  • Every form of barrenness is coming to an end
  • Every form of barrenness be it physical or spiritual in your business and in your career is going to be broken today.
  • You are leaving here full of fruits.
  • After today’s covenant day of fruitfulness you will have what to show.
  • Your business shall multiply.
  • I don’t know how you came, but you are leaving here unashamed.
  • You are not barren, you are fruitful.
  • Every negative name that people are calling you today I reverse it.
  • If God cannot lie then the case of your barrenness is settled .
  • God is making every man and woman called barren a joyful mother and father of children.
  • In case they removed your Fallopian tube, as the spirit of the Lord comes upon you, it shall be restored
  • What every you are struggling before now, today as the anointing come upon you, you shall be redeemed.
  • This morning as this anointing is poured on everyone of you, you shall be fruitful.
  • As the oil touches you, every evil in your life shall be destroyed.
  • By this anointing anyone called barren shall have favor with God.


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