• Every evil you have suffered shall be destroyed.
  • This morning whosoever has been troubling you, your family and your business shall be troubled.
  • This morning everyone bound shall be released.
  • Every secret tears shall come to an end.
  • Anyone that will not allow you survive will not survive.
  • From today you will have victory over the battle of your life.
  • From this morning, whoever is against your destiny shall face ambushment.
  • Today whoever has been wicked against you, your family, business, academics and career God of vengeance will execute them.
  • Wherever your name is mentioned the fire of the Holy Ghost will burn them.
  • Today your enemies shall go blind and their minds will go blind.
  • Whoever that said you will not make it shall be rendered useless.
  • Whoever that Curse you shall be Cursed.
  • Whatever is making you uncomfortable shall be destroyed by this Communion this morning.
  • You will triumph over every challenge you are facing.
  • There shall be speedy revenge for you today.
  • You are untouchable this morning.
  • This week is our week of vengeance.
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