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All through this month you will be preserved
Misfortune wont visit you this month
All through “ember” months God will remember you
God will remember all your heart desires this month
This week is your week of divine visitation
You shall laugh this week and many will rejoice with you
Every prophetic word concerning you and I will happen suddenly this month.
The fruit of this month will make God restore health to you
Everywhere sickness is returned back to the sender
In this month God will grant all your needs
We are leaving here with our health restored

Anyone that says you won’t marry will die in Jesus name
Anyone behind your marital delay will die for your sake
God of heaven will connect you to your God ordained spouse
Every spiritual blindness that has blindfolded you from seeing your spouse is destroyed
The power to put asunder in your marriage is destroyed
I decree restoration of peace in your marriage
No marriage will collapse
Today your marital place will be restored

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