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  1. You are leaving here blessed and satisfied.
  2. If you came in here sick, as you touch this mantle you are leaving here healed.
  3. Anyone that came in here afflicted as you come in contact with the mantle you will be leaving here free.
  4. Anyone here being tormented by any evil spirit by this mantle this morning you will see the departure of the evil spirit.
  5. By this  service this morning everyone  that is blessed shall be a blessing.
  6. I see everyone having financial freedom.
  7. After the service everyone that sees you shall see the power of God in you.
  8. Every lack and want you have suffered before now, by reason of the mantle it shall be destroyed this morning.
  9. As you touch the mantle your  healing and deliverance is established
  10. This week shall be our week of special financial miracle


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