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My case is different! I want to appreciate God for the fulfilment of the word of his servant in my life. Indeed, praise triggers fulfilment of prophecy. Last two weeks Sunday, our daddy in the house – Pastor David Ishaya, declared that it was our week of good tidings and that somebody would be getting a job. I claimed it but nothing showed up until last Sunday, before the service ended, he declared again that someone will get a job that week. I claimed it again because I knew that it would be me. There was a job I applied and was patiently waiting for, not until this Tuesday when I was in my place of work someone said they have shortlisted the successful candidates. About 10 of us applied where I am presently working We all checked and we were not shortlisted but I immediately rejected the report and reminded God of the prophecy made by his servant. Lo and behold, after some minutes I received a congratulatory message that I was among the successful candidates and that further details will be provided to me. I return all the glory to God.

                                                                                                                                             -Ruth D. Amatiga

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