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Praise the Lord NYSC brought me to Bauchi state, I finished my service last month and at my place of primary assignment I needed them to retain me but due to one thing or the other it was not forth coming.On Friday last week the head told me that the owner of the establishment will be coming back on Saturday that I should hold on that we will meet him on Monday. On Sunday I was invited to church by my colleague, when the first timers were called I was reluctant to come out but at a point I came out. After the prayers we were told to make a declaration that in seven days time we will come for a testimony, so I called the full name of the owner of the establishment here on the alter and I said whatever price I call for you to pay me as salary you will not argue it and to the glory of God on Monday I met him the only thing he asked me was how much do I want to be paid, I stated the price and he didn’t argue it ,he just told the head to please pay me that amount. I know God is mindful of me.

Amuzie Chinenye



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