Getting Set for the Forthcoming 21 days Prayer and Fasting-Pastor Paul Wisdom, Associate Pastor

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We serve a God of time and season and your understanding of the God we serve determines the flow of His blessings to you. The bible makes us to understand concerning the children of Isaka that they had the understanding of times and season and they were at the command of their brethren. Because of the understanding of times and season, God put them in command.
Fasting is not a spiritual punishment like other people think. Fasting is not a means of bribing God to get what you want. Many people, if they need something from God that is when they go into prayer and fasting. You can’t bribe your way to get what you need.
Fasting is principally for empowerment as saints of God. Jesus himself needed to go for 40 days fasting in order for him to return empowered. The bible in Luke 4 said Jesus went and fasted and he returned in the power of the Holy Spirit. So if Jesus himself needed to go for fasting in order for him to be empowered, then we need to do same.
The anointing of My Case if different cannot carry you in this New Dawn era. You need to prepare yourself to be empowered in order for you to board the plane for the New Dawn era. So this season of fasting, what we are doing is that we are boarding the ticket. Before any flight takes off people will buy the ticket. Some are boarding economy class, some are boarding first class and some are boarding executive class. So the preparation determines which ticket you are boarding.
No one can make a different in the kingdom without empowerment. If we must make the difference in the year 2018, then we must prepare to be empowered. Luke 24: 49 “And behold I send the promise of my father upon you. But tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until you be endued with power from on high”. The promise of a New Dawn has been send to us as a family but don’t be in a hurry for New Dawn testimony. Prepared to be empowered.
Our getting set is not just physically, it is a spiritual preparation because the spiritual controls the physical. 1 Corinthian 4: 20 says “For the kingdom of God is not in words but in power. Fasting is the platform through which we become empowered as the saints of God. Isaiah 58:6: Is not this the fast that I have chosen? To loose the barns of wickedness, to undo the heavy burden and to let the oppressed go free and that ye break every yoke
Every time we partake of a chosen fast, we return empowered. Bishop David Oyedepo said only serious approach guarantees a glorious and a great result. So get serious, he said. Only a serious approach will guarantee a great result. So if greatness is what we desire then we must give it a serious approach.
But what must we do as we prepare?
1. Every encounter with God requires spiritual preparation. Your preparation determines your manifestation. Every great story in the bible is traceable to a definite encounter but for every encounter to occur there has to be a spiritual encounter. God does not visit the unprepared. God visits the prepared. That is why he wants us to prepare. Amos 4:12 says “Therefore thus will I do unto the O Israel and because I will do this unto thee, prepare to meet thy God O Israel”
God prepares us for the things He has prepared for us. There are some packages of blessings He has prepared but He wants you and I to be prepared to receive them. Don’t do it casually. Bishop Oyedepo says when you serve God casually you become a casualty but that will not be your portion. Only a serious approach guarantees a great result. 2 Chronicle 27: 6 says Jotham became mighty because he prepared his way before the Lord. God appraises our preparation to measure our greatness. If you desire greatness the great preparation must be put in place. God does not visit the unprepared, He visits the prepared, so get set and prepared for the 21 days fasting that us coming because we serve a God of time and season.
2. We must sanctify ourselves if we truly desire an encounter with God. Nobody is telling you that you have sinned or committed evil. In the naturally, even in the cold season many still take their baths twice or more daily. Does that mean you are dirty? No. In the same way we need to take what is called spiritual bath to clean ourselves. It is part of the preparation. You don’t need to sin before you say Lord cleanse me. So you need to sanctify yourself in order for God to come and tabernacle with you. In Exodus 19:10-14, we see the instruction that God gave Moses to the people because God wanted to visit them. This was the Old Testament dispensation. It is not just talking about washing your clothes but washing and sanctifying yourself from the inside. For instance, don’t allow any iota of the devil to be inside of you as you get into this adventure 21 days of prayer and fasting. Free yourself from every bitter ness, from every anger, from every forgiveness and then God will be ready to give you an encounter. As we see in Zachariah 3:1-4, Satan was resisting Joshua, the high priest because he was clothed with filthy garment. He couldn’t do anything until that filthy garment was removed. So we must free ourselves from the inside, reflecting from the outside. Free yourself from every concern. In case you ae still carrying somebody in your mind, don’t allow the 21 days fasting and prayer to begin with you carrying somebody in mind.
3. Repentance is a requirement for setting the stage for an encounter with God. For example, if you want admission into any higher institution, if you don’t have credit in Mathematics and English , even if you score well in other subjects they won’t admit you. So repentance is a requirement. 1 John 1:8& 9 says: “If we say that we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us; but if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness”. David understood that and he enjoyed God. If you compared David and Saul, David was a mess because morally, Saul was sounder than David but there are many things that David did, Saul did not try. David looked at somebody’s wife, liked her and planned to kill the husband and then marry her, trying to cover his sins. But God said He would deal with David, David asked God to punish him and have mercy on him . David had an understanding of God and pleaded for mercy, but Saul in spite of his better moral standing when placewith David, was a proud man and he missed God. Don’t be proud when you are asked to sanctify yourself. That is the requirement for us to set the stage. Proverb1:23 says “Turn ye at my reproof. Behold I will pour out my spirit unto you and I will make know my words unto you” Hebrew 12:14 says “Follow peace with all men and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord”
It is impossible for you and I to have empowerment without repentance put in place. So you can begin to prepare spiritually and God will take care of the physical one. Therefore, spiritual preparation is need in order for us to set the stage for God to give us an encounter.

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