It’s my new dawn era. I have come to reference and wholesomely appreciate God for the supernatural signs and wonders he has practically made for me and for Grace over my life. Just last year October which carried the theme ‘’Empowered by the Spirit to Fulfill our Glorious Destiny’’. The very first Sunday of October our daddy in the house, Pastor David Ishaya stated that our Glorious destiny cannot be fulfilled without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. He said it is only wisdom that empowers us to have creative abilities, and he also added that everyone possess their spiritual gifts and also talents. And it is mandatory for us to locate it, so I keyed into those words because it was as if these words were meant for me. On getting home I became uneasy in the spirit as I began to question myself and I began panting for the empowerment of the spirit to fulfill my Glorious destiny. I was aware of my talent that God deposited in me but I lacked divine guidance and I began and earnestly seeking God to unveil my glorious destiny in a clearer picture. The Holy Spirit then directed me to get anointed books written by our Bishop David Oyedepo which includes In Pursuit of Vision, walking in wisdom, following the pathway of the eagles and making your life count written by our mama Faith Oyedepo. I also listened to the teaching series of our daddy Pastor David Ishaya and also listened to a tape titled ‘’Understanding Calling’’. It was in these my engagement that the Holy Spirit finally unveiled my glorious destiny. When the vision came I was so scared on how I could achieve it within a short period of time, so the holy spirit ordered me on what to do, the steps I had to take and then I was greatly impacted with the swift spirit of an eagle, dedication to the service of God, and to my personal pursuit and also diligence. Most at times when I read papa’s books I felt like we were communicating because I was operating in a different realm. People of God, just in five months God empowered me to publish a book, titled ‘’Frenzy Cold Days’’. The book contains rare ideas that the society needs to be aware of something I wouldn’t I have achieved in years, He did it for me in five months, favoured me beyond my expectations. He connected me with the right people who assisted me in making this vision a reality. When I was arriving Bauchi as a corper I told God if you can favour Queen Esther in a strange land that experience and grace I also need to have in Bauchi and he has done it. I have come to give Him all the praise and glory because he is an awesome father.



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