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Theme: The Supernatural Is My New Realm In Redemption

Business Breakthrough/End of the month thanksgiving and dedication Service.

By Pastor David A. Ishaya

Whatever you are doing in life is business, whether you are frying bean cake or you are in ministry, you are in business.

The supernatural talks about a lifestyle that is not controlled by natural laws but divine laws. At redemption, you became a child of the Most High, expected to live a life that is above the natural. In order words you are not supposed to suffer what people of the world are suffering. Many Christians are not aware of this, that once you are born again and begin to walk in the new realm, everything about you changes.

Series: Engaging the power of love

1 John 4:8 tells us that God is love. When you talk about love, you talk about God. There is power in the love of God because everything in God’s kingdom works by love. 1 Corinthians 13:1-3&13

Love is the greatest of all spiritual virtues. Mathew 22:37&40. The scriptures tell us that on the commandment of love have other laws. Faith work by love Gal 5:6. Although you have faith, you must engage in love. One of the major proofs of your love for God is your love for souls. The capital proof of love is pursuit of souls for their salvation John 3:16


  1. Supernatural health and vitality (strength and vigor) John 15:1-2, 1cor 5:17-20, proverb 13:17. A faithful ambassador is health. What makes you fruitful is your ability to bear fruit
  2. God’s continuously supernaturally decorates your life openly for people to see, thereby bringing in more people into the kingdom. Mathew 6:10.Zachariah 8:20-23. Love is a covenant channel through which the supernatural flows. In other words, you cannot be a commander of the supernatural without love. Most of the miracles done by Jesus Christ were as a result of is compassion for the people. Luke 7:11. The story of the prodigal son demonstrates the compassion of a father. Despite the son’s waywardness when he came to his senses and returned, his father saw him and had compassion on him (Luke15; 20-21). God’s compassion failed not. Love does not condemn but shows compassion towards one another.



  1. Love empowers access to divine secrets (insights, revelation of the truth of God’s word). Until you have access to divine secrets you are never made a star. The one that you love is the one you tell your secrets; or knows your secrets. The virtue of love makes you a friend of God. John15:15. It is your friend that knows your secrets because a friend makes known his secrets to his friend. When you continue in God’s love, you are no longer treated as a servant but as a friend by God. The more you have access to revelation. Everything works by love including power. Job one of the greatest Business man, had access to divine secrets job 29:4; Daniel had access to divine secrets because of his love for God Daniel 2:19. At the root of everyone that became a star is love for God.
  2. Empowers accelerated maturity that enthrones it makes you irrespective of your age to become the friend of God. Gal 14:2
  3. Love enhances addiction to fellowship that psalm 84:7, Obadiah 1:17 passionate lovers of God are commanders of the supernatural. We saw how peter naturally loved God and became a commander of the supernatural John 21:15-17. After peter was empowered by the Holy Spirit, he became a commander of the supernatural Acts 5:15. The capital proof of your love for God is praying for souls and winning souls



Business Breakthrough has to do with exploits in business, extra-ordinary results in business. Psalm 1:3

Business breakthrough is the birth right of the redeemed of God.

Gen 13:2, Gen 26:12, Gal 4:28

As Isaac was, so are we children of promise.  Even though breakthrough is your birthright, the kingdom of God operates by keys. Keys talk about access, authority, insight, knowledge Luke 11:52.



  1. Develop capacity in the field of your business capacity talks about inherent abilities in you that you build e.g area of finance. The parable of the talent. God gives you things according to your abilities if you want to go beyond then you have to build your capacity.
  2. You must be able to see the reality of business breakthrough as spelt out in scriptures psalms 119:18, 23:16
  3. Build your business by obedience to God’s word Joshua 1:8. The bible is number one book for business breakthrough. Deut 28:1 believers should not build their business based on world system e.g you should not borrow Deut 28:4-12. Many borrow to do business they don’t want to start small. Any business that starts big does not stand the test of time. Do not bribe your way to do business
  4. Walk in the fear of God

Every business that is making it has a trade secrets (divine secrets) pslam 25:14. The issue of prosperity in business is a covenant issue. As a child of God walk in integrity don’t cheat, the wisdom of this world usually come to nought.

  1. Seek divine guidance

e.g Abraham Gen 12:1, Isaac Gen 20:13 psalm 23:1

  1. Be diligent (productive, hardworking). A lazy person cannot succeed in business proverb 10:4, proverb 22:29 1 peter 1:10
  2. Self discipline (self control, self denial) 1 cor 6:12. All things are not profitable 1 cor 10:23, psalm 28:5 don’t complain or murmur about your business. Engage in covenant practice Gen 14:19-20 malachi 3:10
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