Double Promotion!

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Praise the lord! I joined this commission in 2004. It all started 2015 in my place of work, when promotion came and it eluded me.  They promoted my juniors and they became my seniors, there was nothing I could do.  I cried unto God and He gave me assurance, because I know He would do something.In 2017 promotion came again and I was promoted. Though I was not happy but I can’t do otherwise. I was given a form and the Holy Spirit told me to take the form to the church.  I came looking for the Senior Pastor but he was not around, so I met Pastor Honour Ajileye who shook my hand and made some declarations that where ever this form will, God’s favour will appear there and I left. Lo and behold I was promoted August year to a Staff Sergeant and on December 21st,  I was promoted and decorated  with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant within three months. I give God all the glory.

                                                                                                                                           Bro Jonathan Saya.

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