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I want to return all glory to God for being my savior and my deliverer. In the early hours of Wednesday, I was troubled in my spirit. I was unable to sleep and felt it was because of the assignment I was supposed to submit that made me restless. I woke up and started doing part of the assignment and I engaged in praise while doing the job, I praised God till 6:00am and I started preparing for covenant hour of prayer which was by 6:30am in Jos.While on my way I did not see any vehicle to take me to church. I was disturbed but suddenly I saw a taxi and the it stopped. There were three people on the back seat, driver and a passenger at the front, so I said British and He said enter, as I entered not up to a minute, they said madam you did not close the door very well, as I was about closing it, the driver grabbed my purse and handset. He said madam use two hands and close the door, I was yet to close the door still it did not close. I did not know that He had removed my money and he said madam come down and enter the back and as I was about entering the back, the other passengers said the back seat was already filled up, then the driver asked me to go. So, I looked for another vehicle and entered, on getting to my destination and about paying my fare, I discovered that the money in my bag had been stolen and just little of my change left 500 Naira only. I want to give God the praise because when I was narrating the story they said madam give God the praise because those people could also be kidnappers that is what they use to do. when-ever you enter taxi in Jos and they said the door did not close, just come down otherwise something dangerous might happen. Am here to return all glory to God.
Sister Benjamin Baptista.

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