I want to appreciate God of our father Bishop David Oyedepo for his divine protection and surprise

miracle I received last week.I travelled to port last week Saturday, exactly 2;22am after we passed ABA, we ran into armed robbers who barricade the road with trees.Immediately the driver ran into them, he shouted Jesus they are robbers, he stopped the car and put the gear into reverse, immediately they ran out of the bush with guns in their hands.God did not put it in their mind to shoot , rather they were running after us with legs. God rescued us from their hands. As if that was not enough, I was able to finish the business that took me there, before I got the van that will convey the goods I bought, rain started and what I bought must not be touched by rain, else it will spoil.I was not happy when the rain started and water was flowing under the goods. I later remembered that I obeyed the instruction from God by being a covenant practitioner and pastor declared that God will take my family to higher places, I told God I cant suffer any loss I need a miracle now. After the rain ,I went to check the goods, lo and behold, water did not enter even one bag from the rain of 3 hours. I return all the glory to God.

Mr OJ.


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