Praise the Lord! I want to give thanks and glory to the God that answers prayers. In one of the Covenant Hours of Prayer before going for youth service, I prayed to God that when I go to Gombe where I was posted to, I will not be sick throughout my one year of service. I prayed that there should be no accident, that God would favor me, and God did according to what I asked. There were two different occasions where I was attacked but I reminded God that I actually prayed against it before coming to Gombe and my insurance still continues, I cannot be sick! The next hour it just disappeared. In fact, the second occasion was like a dream. I woke up shivering seriously and I just told God that this is not what we agreed and I slept off and the next hour I woke up sweating seriously. I just want to thank God for keeping His word and one year service has actually come to an end successfully. God kept me and favored me even while in camp. I give God all the glory.

Sis Adebukola Maryam Idris

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