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I have returned to give all glory to God. Last Sunday, Gods servant made some declarations before the anointing service that there is no message preached on this altar that has no purpose. It happened this week that I was exempted from two different accidents. First was in my place of work, I accidentally realised that as I was trying to adjust the stone that entered the crusher not knowing that the person in the crusher was busy doing something else and the crusher was still functioning and then he went to click a key which made the crusher continue. Now the stones in the crusher have all gone down and I was next to follow the stones down. I don’t know what happened or how come but a force from nowhere brought the crusher to a hold. Secondly it happened at gidan-mai, I was coming back from work that same day along the road a truck loaded with goods was coming from Onitsha and was to stop at Bauchi here then I don’t know what came over the driver, he left his lane and slipped to the other side of the road, took a bike man down which was supposed to be mine. What happened is that I took the bike and told the bike man to slow down so that the truck can pass, immediately he was crossing he lost his control, swing to the other side, got the bike man and the passenger down, they both died instantly. Also a car loaded with passengers going to Jos was hit and three passengers from behind sustained injuries. I have come to give God the glory.


Bro Daniel Ifeanyi Daniel

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