Praise the Lord! On this Covenant Day of Fruitfulness I have come to thank God for His divine favours and promotion. I was due for promotion every three years and was eligible for the 2017 promotion so I started reading. We were expecting that the examination would come up in the middle of the year but the promotional list came out on the 29th of December and my name was there. I kept reading through-out that period but the more I read the less I understood. I was getting tired. Christmas was not like Christmas to me because in the midst of it all I lost my mother on the 12th of December, 2017. I was reading even when her body was in the mortuary. It’s more of academic and professional examinations. I kept holding on to the prophetic declarations of Bishop David Oyedepo towards the last quarter of the year that came saying divine promotion.  At the beginning of 2018 Bishop kept saying divine promotion. People kept testifying and I held on to the word I heard.  A brother testified how he got a direction for his examination and made distinction as if he saw the questions before the exam. Also a civil servant like me testified how she was lifted from HOD of juniors to higher level. So I said out of the lawyers in the north east, whether junior or senior I would score the highest. Lo and behold, it was time for me to start the exams for the North East and Bauchi was hosting it. So, I purposed in my heart that I was going to be the best student in the whole state and it was so for me. Nation- wide we were 27 lawyers that contested for 10 slots. I told God to prepare my place for me and He favored me above my contemporaries.

– Sis Tare Pobeni

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