I want to thank God for saving me from accident. It happened yesterday (Monday, January 22, 2018) on my way out. As I came to the main road, I saw a keke (tricycle). I said Yelwan Tudu and the rider went further to stop and I entered. As soon as I entered, the next thing I heard was a shout. One of the boys that normally joined them in the front shouted because he saw a car on the other side of the road that swerved. I looked and saw the car racing towards us with speed.  Within a second, the next thing I heard was the noise of the collision. Then I found myself still inside the keke. Out of the three of us in the back, I was the only one inside the keke this time. I looked  on my right side  there was no way I could come out, I looked at the other side no way I could also come out , then  I looked up to the sky and I said yes that is the exit and I jumped out. This time I saw people around but by the time I jumped out of the keke there was nobody around. I now turned and looked at the keke where I jumped out and I saw the ladies that were in front of the vehicle, they were under the keke. They were all lying down, they couldn’t move and I rushed down and shouted for help. I was trying to push then people came.  I never knew people were around too.  The majority of them got injured. The people that were with me inside the keke were all lying unconscious , just  a police  vehicle came to take them to hospital and I heard  a young girl shouting. I looked towards her direction and I saw her leg was cut into two. In fact I couldn’t stand the horror of the sight, it was blood everywhere. God delivered me and I have come to return glory to Him.

-Omoike Emmanuel

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