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Call to worship: Psalm 47:1-9
Sunday teaching series: is there no balm in Gilead
If there is balm in Gilead why are the redeemed still sick?
They don’t know there is balm in Gilead
They don’t know there is a physician in Gilead
They do not understand their redemptive right to total health.
The balm in Gilead is the word of God. Proverbs 4:20-22, Psalm 107:20
Jesus is the physician in Gilead, the great physician who is an all-round specialist capable of healing all manner of sickness and diseases. Mathew 4:23
To be healed and be in divine health you need the great physician’s great prescription. John 2:5-11. To be healed you must understand your right to total health. Mathew 13:23.
What you enjoy from God is determine by your understanding. It is our right as the redeemed to live in health i.e a state of no sickness. Exodus 15:26. God is not the author of sickness hence those he created in his image and likeness are not supposed to be sick. James 5:14-15
Understanding our redemptive right to total health:
By redemption we have the joy of salvation. Isaiah 53:4. Happiness is rooted in the mind but joy is in the heart. Psalm 51:12. Joy is one of the fruit of the spirit. Galatians 5:22
At salvation Jesus has carried away our sorrows hence we have joy. To boost the joy of salvation we need the baptism of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is the fountain of joy. Isaiah 61:3, Psalm 45:6-7, Psalm51:12
The joy of salvation can also be boosted by having an encounter with the revelation of the word. Jeremiah 15:16, psalm 119:162
What is in this joy that heals?
There is healing virtue in joy. Proverb 17:22, 18:14
There is divine presence in joy Psalm 16;11, Roman 8:31
There is divine strength in joy. Nehemiah 8:10, psalm 84:7
There is revelation of the word in joy. Isaiah 12:3

Impartation service
Nobody gets anything from God without his interest and faith. The mantle only works for those who believe in the mystery of the mantle impartation.
What is impartation?
Impartation is the transference of spiritual gifts to the redeemed. Rom1:11 The gifts empowers you to believe all things. It destroys doubts in our hearts.
Impartation is a spiritual platform of enjoying duplication and multiplication of grace in the life of an anointed vessel. 2 Kings 2:5-15, Philippians 1:17, 2 Kings 9:15
Impartation is a medium through which we contact the virtues of healing, deliverance and special miracles via the mantle. Acts 19:12, Matt.9:20-22, Matt.14:34-36
What is in the prophetic mantle?
The over flowing anointing of the prophet is in the mantle. Psalm 45:6-8, Mathew 9:20-22, 14:34-35
The overflowing priestly anointing. Psalm 133:1-3
Conditions/requirement for the mantle to work is:-
You must believe the word concerning the prophetic mantle. Hebrew 4:2
You must believe in the person and ministry of the prophet. Mark 6:4-5, 2 chronicles 20: 20, Matt.10:41.
You must be upright in heart. 2 Kings 4:29-31, 5:20-27.
e.g Gehazi did not have an upright heart and so the rod given to him by Elisha to raise a dead child could not work.

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