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Prophetic Declaration For The Week

We will enjoy peace in this nation We have no reason to bury anyone in this church By reason of the mantle impartation people will know that you are a son of a prophet By reason of touching the mantle today all sicknesses will depart Somebody will leave here with his/her special miracle Everyone carrying […]

Prophetic Declarations For The Week

PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS Every chain around your glorious destiny is broken today. Any generational curse is reversed to generational blessing today. You are leaving this service free from consequence and effects of generational curses. Every generational curse is coming to an end today. From today, whosoever touches you, touches the apple of God’s eye. Whatever represents […]

Prophetic Declaration for The Week

PROPHETIC DECLARATION You shall fulfill the number of your days! You will build houses and inhabit them! From today you will enjoy the work of your hands! By the reason of today service, everyone appointed to die is declared loosed in Jesus name! Nobody connected to us will die but leave to declare the goodness […]

Prophetic Declaration Of The Week

PROPHETIC DECLARATION All through this month you will be preserved Misfortune wont visit you this month All through “ember” months God will remember you God will remember all your heart desires this month This week is your week of divine visitation You shall laugh this week and many will rejoice with you Every prophetic word […]

Prophetic Declaration For The Week

PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS FOR THE WEEK Every financial dryness in your family is terminated today! Whatever is covering your glorious destiny is terminated today! God will provide all your needs today! Your hands are blessed today! God shall have mercy on you today! The act of borrowing ceases in your household today! You shall experience God’s […]

Prophetic Declaration For The Week

PROPHETIC DECLARATION In all ramification of life you are leaving here at rest! Anything thing standing to block your glorious lives are giving way! Every impossibilities in your lives have come to an end supernaturally! Somebody is leaving a changed person! We are leaving here today into the realms of breakthroughs! After this service you […]

Prophetic Declaration For The Week

PROPHETIC DECLARATION Today, you will recover all you have lost. This is your week of all-round recovery and restoration. This week, you shall experience recovery in your business. You shall recover your lost job today. You shall recover your broken family this week. Your broken marriage shall be restored today.

Prophetic Declaration For The Week.

Prophetic Declaration For The Week. This week shall be a week of all round favor. Every misfortune comes to an end in your life today. Every marital spell is destroyed in your life. Every satanic assault ends in your life today. Wherever you enter this week, you shall be endorsed. This week, you shall enjoy […]

Prophetic Declarations For The Week

Every good thing you saw in the first half of the year, you shall experience double in the second half. This week shall be a week of supernatural breakthrough for us. The second half of this year shall be full of prosperity. Whatever your desires are in the second half of this year is what […]


Whatever the devil has stolen shall be restored back. Supernatural restoration is your possession this morning. God is restoring sevenfold For your shame you shall receive double. Whatever years you have lost in believing God for something, that years shall be restored In case you came here sick, you are not leaving here with that […]