Generational curse are curses that have generational consequences on a man’s life and future. Exodus 20:4-5

A curse is an invisible negative force and is able to bring about evil or negative happenings in your life. Things happen to us not because we have done anything but because of what our fore fathers have done. But anyone that is born again is redeemed from this kind of generational curses.  The curse of the Lord is the highest form of curses and when you are redeemed from it as Christians you are separated from your biological linage and whatever your family does can’t affect you.



Theme of the month: obedience gateway to realms of noiseless break through. Noiseless break through comes by obedience and his commandments are not grievous. 1 John l 5:3. Obedience is all about authenticating your love for God. When we obey God’s commandments we experience noiseless break through. Deut.28:1-2. Curses came into life because of disobedience of man. Deut. 28: 3. the simple recipe to breaking curses is to obey God’s commandments. Though obedience can be every costly but the end result is priceless.

Commandment to be obeyed:  commandment of kingdom advancement prayer

Matt.6:6, matt. 6:9 Jesus gave us a pattern of prayers to be followed so it can be answered. This form of prayer is to be used to pattern our praying life style. Matt. 6:6-33.

The first thing to do in your prayer list is to pray about God’s interest of the kingdom, before your own interests, matt. 6:33 and when you do this, things begin to happen for you by divine favour. The prayer alert is the sharpest of all sickles of harvest because prayers can get to every part of city because it has the capacity to reach every city. Isaiah 66: 7-8, Ezekiel 36:37; Act 6:4 and 7.

Whatever can’t stop the church from praying can’t stop it from growing and taking over territories. Church growth can only be sustained by prayers and not out of efforts. Galatians 4:19; Colossians 4:12. The Apostles did not just pray only in the early church but also gave themselves to the ministry of the word. Psalms 119:18 revelation provoked by prayers. Psalm 23: 2; math.24:28. The word is what sustains church growth and it is provoked by prayers.

Benefits of kingdom advancement prayers

  1. Supernatural favour: your labour is not what gives you all you have but the favour of God. Matt. 6:33; psalms 102:13-15
  2. Supernatural change of levels. Jeremiah 30:19-21; Nehemiah 5:14
  3. Wiping away of shame and reproach. Proverbs 14:28; 1 Samuel 2:30; John 12:26
  4. Open Rewards. Mathew 6:6

Breaking Generational Curses

These curses are real but they can be reversed. Genesis15:13-14, Exodus 12:4. To be free from generational curses you must come under the blessing of God. Exodus 23:25, Job 36: 11. The commandment to serve God and the interest of his kingdom is the gateway to break all generational curses. Exodus 7:16, 8:1, 9:1. whosoever curses a man blessed by God, is cursed by God. Genesis 12:3.

Engaging the Mystery of the Anointing Oil

  • The mystery of the anointing oil is so important to God hence he gave its composition. Exodus 30:17, 30: 30-31. We are anointed essentially to serve God. Anytime we enter into a covenant to serve God we enter into our all-round rest. 2 chronicles 15:12-15.
  • The empowering of the Holy Ghost is to serve God. Acts 1:8, Mathew 10:1.
  • All round rest takes about all curses of the wicked. Numbers 23:8 and 23:20
  • The anointing empowers us to do exploits and the unimaginable Luke 10:1; and 17-19.

What is in the anointing oil

  1. The spirit of the Lord. 1 Samuel 16:13, Luke 4:14-18; Isaiah 59:19.
  2. The spirit of servanthood. Ephesian 4:4-5; Isaiah 42: 1-4.
  3. The yoke destroying power of God. Isaiah 10:25-27
  4. The breakthrough power of God. Isaiah 61: 1-2 and 3-7.
  5. The healing power is in the anointing. Mark 6:7 and 12-13; James 5 :4 and 14-15

How to Use the Anointing Oil

  1. Apply on the fore head as a mark of exemption. Ezekiel 5:6, Psalm 105:13-15
  2. You can drink it by taking a shot of the oil and it roots every evil out of the body. Mathew 3:11-13; Romans 8:11
  3. You can use it to anoint places and thus it is to commit them to God to take them out of the hands or bands of the evil once.


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