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Prophetic Declaration For The Week.

Prophetic Declaration For The Week. This week shall be a week of all round favor. Every misfortune comes to an end in your life today. Every marital spell is destroyed in your life. Every satanic assault ends in your life today. Wherever you enter this week, you shall be endorsed. This week, you shall enjoy […]

I Am Redeemed For Exploits

Sunday teaching Series: Enough is Enough Spiritually, every child of God belongs to the ever-conquering tribe of Judah (Gen. 49:8-12). Spiritually, we are the seed of Abraham – Galatians 3:29 – and we are part of the tribe of Judah because Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah, Revelation 5:5. Every redeemed of […]

Engaging The Power of Love

Theme: The Supernatural Is My New Realm In Redemption Business Breakthrough/End of the month thanksgiving and dedication Service. By Pastor David A. Ishaya Whatever you are doing in life is business, whether you are frying bean cake or you are in ministry, you are in business. The supernatural talks about a lifestyle that is not […]

Prophetic Declarations For The Week

Every good thing you saw in the first half of the year, you shall experience double in the second half. This week shall be a week of supernatural breakthrough for us. The second half of this year shall be full of prosperity. Whatever your desires are in the second half of this year is what […]

PROPHETIC FOCUS FOR THE MONTH: The Supernatural is my new realm in Redemption SUNDAY TEACHING: Engaging the supernatural power of love

PROPHETIC FOCUS FOR THE MONTH: The Supernatural is my new realm in Redemption SUNDAY TEACHING: Engaging the supernatural power of love. After redemption supernatural becomes our nature; John 3:8 I.e now like spirit being. What is Supernatural? 1)The supernatural is an act that can’t be explained by natural laws, yet can’t be denied Acts 4: 16 2)The supernatural […]


Whatever the devil has stolen shall be restored back. Supernatural restoration is your possession this morning. God is restoring sevenfold For your shame you shall receive double. Whatever years you have lost in believing God for something, that years shall be restored In case you came here sick, you are not leaving here with that […]


  I bring greetings to you from living faith church Kaduna. Last year December shiloh, on the 8 of December, papa said choose the date of your wedding and write it down and I did so, but the devil rose his ugly head to stop it from becoming a reality. But to God be the […]


  I have come to return glory to God Almighty for his mercy on my marriage. Before I got married, I had fears about the future and before the time for me to get married, I got born again in this church and God opened my eyes to understand the principles of life; I began […]


  I want to appreciate God of our father Bishop David Oyedepo for his divine protection and surprise miracle I received last week.I travelled to port last week Saturday, exactly 2;22am after we passed ABA, we ran into armed robbers who barricade the road with trees.Immediately the driver ran into them, he shouted Jesus they […]


    Praise the Lord. I want to appreciate God Almighty for His faithfulness upon my life and my family. I want to also appreciate God’s servants Pastors David Ishaya and Gaius Biyam and everyone that stood by me in prayer during my trial period. The word of God in 2corinthians 2;14 and proverbs 23;18 […]