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Prophetic Declaration Of The Week

PROPHETIC DECLARATION All through this month you will be preserved Misfortune wont visit you this month All through “ember” months God will remember you God will remember all your heart desires this month This week is your week of divine visitation You shall laugh this week and many will rejoice with you Every prophetic word […]

Sunday Teaching Series

Call to worship: Psalm 68:1-11 Theme of the Month: Is there no Balm in Gilead Sunday Teaching: YOUR RIGHT FOR TOTAL HEALTH If there is balm in Gilead and the physician is there, why is the health of my people not restored? Gilead means the church, Obadiah 1:17, Proverb 4:20-22. The word of God is […]

Serving God Is Every Believers Covenant Responsibility

SUNDAY COVENANT DAY OF OPEN HEAVEN MESSAGE TEACHING SERIES: Unveiling the Breakthrough Power of Kingdom Stewardship Sub-topic: Serving God Is Every Believers Covenant Responsibility The end time church is ordained a breakthrough church. One of our breakthrough manifestations is our enthronement or reigns on earth. Revelation 5:10, Psalm 110:1. We are in the days of […]

Prophetic Declaration For The Week

PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS FOR THE WEEK Every financial dryness in your family is terminated today! Whatever is covering your glorious destiny is terminated today! God will provide all your needs today! Your hands are blessed today! God shall have mercy on you today! The act of borrowing ceases in your household today! You shall experience God’s […]


NEW DAWN MARITAL BLISS Its my new dawn era, I want to appreciate God and his servant in the house. When I came to Bauchi in 2009 nothing was working for me, but I engaged in kingdom service, serving God dedicatedly, passionately with all my being. I attended the three tiers of WOFBI and it […]

Covenant Day Of Long Life And Special Communion Service

COVENANT DAY OF NOISELESS BREAKTHROUGH AND SPECIAL ANOINTING SERVICE Call to worship: psalm 126:1-6 Speaker: Pastor David Ishaya Theme of the month: I am redeemed for exploits Every child of God is redeemed to be outstanding in anything he does. Mathew 5:14, Revelation 22:16 Even if we are redeemed for exploits kingdom stewardship is the […]

Prophetic Declaration For The Week

PROPHETIC DECLARATION In all ramification of life you are leaving here at rest! Anything thing standing to block your glorious lives are giving way! Every impossibilities in your lives have come to an end supernaturally! Somebody is leaving a changed person! We are leaving here today into the realms of breakthroughs! After this service you […]


    Call to worship: Psalm 96:1-13 Sunday teaching Series: walking in financial dominion Theme of the month: I am blessed to be a blessing Genesis 12:1-2 The blessing of God upon our life is for promoting the kingdom of God and to meet the needs of others around us. Your blessing from God is […]

Prophetic Declaration For The Week

PROPHETIC DECLARATION Today, you will recover all you have lost. This is your week of all-round recovery and restoration. This week, you shall experience recovery in your business. You shall recover your lost job today. You shall recover your broken family this week. Your broken marriage shall be restored today.

Sunday Teaching Series: Enough Is Enough

Sunday Teaching Series: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH INTRODUCTION Spiritually, all children of God belong to the tribe of Judah. Genesis 49:8-12. The day you gave your life to Christ, you were redeemed from your earthly image. Judah is one of the seeds of Abraham. Galatians 34:29, and we are Abraham’s seed, and Jesus is the lion […]