A wonderful master’s degree result against all odds!

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When I got my admission for my master’s degree, I desired at graduation to get the Phd cut-off point. God gave me the admission against the will of the devil. I remembered the things I went through in the course of my course. I remembered the times I was called back from my place of work, I remembered the times my sister was ill for almost a year, during that programme as if she is not going to make it. I remembered one of the days that my Permanent Secretary had to call me that they had to stop my salary because I have ‘absconded’. I went through all sorts of things but the God of this Commission cannot denied Himself carried me through the programme because I got the admission some months  after the demise for my husband and it was like there was no money for registration but money came. So many things happened but this God has been faithful. I have returned today to thank Him for blessing me a wonderful result, not because I favoured it but I see the hand of God in everything I do. I have returned today to fulfil my vow because it was on this altar that the testimony was cooked. He did it. He gave me a wonderful master’s result beyond my comprehension. He gave me a Phd cut-off point. I have come to return glory to Him because He did it.

Deaconess Lois Gonto

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