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Praise God. On Wednesday my brother’s son went to school, and he was supposed to close by 12:30 in the afternoon. When I came  home around 2:30 pm, I asked my younger sister where he was and she replied that he was not back from school. I called the boy’s mother but she said he was not with her. We decided to go to the school and were informed that he had gone home, so we began to search for him. I came to meet our daddy in the church, Pastor David Ishaya who prayed for me and said the boy would be found. After service I went home and there was no news of  his whereabouts. Around 10:30pm, we heard a knock on the gate and my sister opened it, and lo and behold, two men brought him home. Narrating what happened, he said after school hours some men took him away and when they got to a place, they  discovered that he was not the one they wanted so they abandoned him on the road and he began to cry, and the two men saw him and brought him home. Praise be the name of the lord
-Sis Chafala Irmiya

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